Donder's Law and Task-space Separtion Principle: a force-field approach to motion planning for redundant manipulators


Speaker: Prof. Domenico Campolo, Direttore Robotics Research Centre, School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore


The human motor system often needs to cope with kinematic redundancies as we generally have more degrees of freedom than necessary to fulfil the requirements of the task. Studies on human motor control have demonstrated the existence of simplifying strategies adopted by the brain when dealing with kinematically redundant problems. In this talk I shall focus on a postural strategy, in literature referred to as Donders’ law.

In the first part of the talk, I shall review the basic concepts behind Donders’ law; describe our experimental findings in the settings of wrist three-dimensional rotations; and then present the derivation of a general model to account for kinematic redundancy. Pursuing a principled approach, the proposed model blends a minimum-principle framework with the Separation Principle and allows for the separation of postural control from motion generation.

In the second part of the talk, I shall briefly present work-in-progress on the possibility of including interaction forces, in particular our experimental investigations on haptic interaction during tooling-tasks, for the purpose of transferring human skills to industrial robots.

Data e ora 
Giovedì, 30 Novembre 2017 - ore 12:00

Via Ardeatina 354 - 00179 Roma