The Brain, Gravity and Fractals

Speaker: Olivier White, PhD, Computational Neuroscience, Université de Bourgogne and INSERM, Dijon, France

Abstract: Have you ever wondered why you rarely let the objects you handle slip out of your grasp and smash themselves on the ground? The brain is an extremely powerful calculator that allows us to live, think and interact with the environment. How is such a miracle possible? A corner of veil surrounding this great mystery can be lifted by observing how we react by changing what usually never changes... gravity itself! Here, I will revisit results under the view angle of fractals and illustrate how our brain masters Newton’s laws.

Chairman: Prof. Francesco Lacquaniti, Head of Laboratorio di Fisiologia Neuromotoria



Data e ora 
Giovedì, 19 Aprile 2018 - ore 12:00

Via Ardeatina 354 - 00179 Roma


Prof. Francesco Lacquaniti, T. (+39) 06.5150.1472