A – Clinical and Behavioral Neurology

Head of Research Line A

Prof. Carlo Caltagirone



The objective of Research Line A is the study of the morphological and functional substrate of neurological disorders and their functional diagnosis for purposes of rehabilitation.


Research Topics

The research projects concern the multidimensional assessment of patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease, with a focus on sleep disorders, as well as dopaminergic therapies on patients suffering from Parkinson's disease and the effects on cognitive functions. The study of recovery of patients with diseases of the central nervous system includes some innovative methods. Among those included is the use of robotics for gait training in patients suffering from stroke and cognitive rehabilitation of memory in people with Parkinson's disease.



Laboratories use the latest technologies to assess the effectiveness of these methods on the development of neurological deficits. Repetitive transcranial magnetic inhibitory stimulation allows the tracking of the role of motor cortices in the past and future event analysis, while transcranial magnetic stimulation allows to study the role of cerebellum in dystonia. Neuroimaging is used in the study of the relationship between semantic memory and vision to the level neuro-morphological and functional analysis.


Laboratories of the Research Line A