Ethics Committee

Organization and Tasks

The Ethics Committee is a collegial body, multidisciplinary in composition, which operates fully autonomously. It evaluates proposals for clinical trials to be carried out at the Santa Lucia Foundation and approves their implementation, according to scientific, ethical and economic criteria. The Committee is informed by the guidance given by international health agencies, general medical ethics, the Helsinki Declaration as well as the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice. It promotes the training and preparation of the staff involved in clinical research, while focusing on the individual.

The Secretary of the Ethics Committee is responsible for the literature of the research, its data preservation as well as the dissemination of the Committee's proceedings. The Secretary maintains and updates the registry of all clinical trials and keeps direct relationships with the Office of the Ministry of Health in areas related to its research.


Evaluation of Proposed Research Projects

All Research programs to be implemented at the Santa Lucia Foundation must fall within the areas of neuroscience and neuromotor rehabilitation, consistent with the scientific mission of the Foundation, as a Scientific Institute for Research and Healthcare (IRCCS).

The Ethics Committee of the Santa Lucia Foundation also evaluates research protocols and clinical drug trials of others, inclusive of non-profit, public and private organizations, including pharmaceutical companies. Also, within the Ethics Committee's competence are requests for observational studies in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Italian Agency for pharmaceutical evaluation (AIFA).


Members of the Ethics Committee

President: Dr. Mons. Lorenzo Leuzzi

Vice-Presidents: Prof. Vincenzo Maria Saraceni, Dr. Carmela Razzano

Members: Prof. Carlo Caltagirone (Scientific Director FSL), Maria Giulia Colombini, Giuseppina Fanari, Prof. Claudio Franchini, Prof. Emiliano Giardina, Dr. Giuseppe Guaglianone, Ing. Marco Iosa, Dr. Giuseppe Lavra, Dr. Maria Rosaria Milana, Dr. Marco Molinari, Dr. Stefano Paolucci, Dr. Carmelina Razzano, Dr. Antonino Salvia, Prof. Marco Trabucchi, Dr. Marco Tramontano

Office of the Secretary: Dr. Stefano Paolucci (Manager), Ms. Elisa Battisti


 Submission of Application Documents for Evaluation by the Ethics Committee:

  • Regulation of clinical research protocols
  • Request for clinical projects
  • Request for drug trials
  • Request for pharmaceutical observational studies
  • Request for research from the non profit sector
  • Informed patient consent issues – Participation in experimental studies
  • Informed patient consent issues – Participation in tesla magnetic resonance studies

Secretary of the Ethics Committee

Via Ardeatina, 306 – 00179 Rome

Tel. +39 06.5150.1491

Fax +39 06.5032097