Research Center

The European Center for Brain Research (Centro Europeo di Ricerca sul Cervello – CERC)

This entire facility is dedicated to the activities of Research Line C (Experimental Neuroscience). It hosts laboratories and core facilities with a total area of ​​15,000 Sq. m. It is located in Via del Fosso di Fiorano in Rome, not far from the Hospital of the Santa Lucia Foundation. The CERC also offers spaces and technologies for partnerships with other research institutions.


Preclinical Research and Translational Sciences

The Santa Lucia Foundation conducts research in the field of neuroscience. This research is preclinical and translational, meaning designed to result in a rapid implementation of its findings to actual patient care. The research activity is a core element of Santa Lucia’s Mission. Since1992, the Ministry of Health has recognized the Foundation as a fully qualified Scientific Institute for Research and Healthcare (IRCCS). The activity of individual laboratories is coordinated within five Research Lines.

Scientific Head Office

Via Ardeatina, 306 – 00179 Rome

Tel. +39 06.5150.1229

Fax +39 06.5032097