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Preventive Check-Up

The Santa Lucia Foundation is committed not only to providing the best in patient health care. It is fully dedicated to promote healthy lifestyles and behaviors oriented towards prevention of diseases and conditions that may adversely affect the quality of life. Our Analysis Laboratory performs various combinations of discounted exams, recommended for age, sex, health and the prevention and monitoring of specific diseases. Access to a preventive Check-Up is simple: it does not require a prescription or reservation. Simply come to the check-in desk and your exams will be administered.


Our Prevention Check-Up


General Wellbeeing   Ideal for those who want to periodically check their general health. Suitable for all ages.
Women Under 40    Designed to monitor laboratory parameters of particular relevance to the health of young women.
Women Over 40    Recommended for women over age 40 to detect any hormonal imbalances or diseases, and monitor laboratory parameters of particular relevance.
Men Under 40   Designed to monitor laboratory parameters of particular relevance to the health of young men.
Men Over 40   Recommended for men over 40 years to detect diseases and monitor laboratory parameters of particular relevance.
Osteoporosis Prevention   Osteoporosis and its diminution and deterioration of bone mass increases the risk of fractures and often goes without diagnosis. This screening is dedicated to the detection of parameters indicative of the presence of the disease. It is advisable to combine the blood test with a Bone Mass Exam(MOC).
Liver Monitoring   Recommended to determine the liver health and as a screening for hepatitis B and C.
Heart Monitoring   Recommended to determinate the heart health and identify potential cardiovascular risk factors.
ST2 Health Check   Measurement of ST2 protein is recommended to evaluate heart diseases, assess any risk in people with no symptoms and to monitor the effectiveness of any current therapies.
Gastrointestinal Check   Esams such as fecal occult blood test helps diagnose tumors at an early stage and provide guidance for the timely removal of polyps.

How to Access a Prevention Check

Prevention Checks don't require any booking. Analysis Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 07:00 – 10:00. Before going to the testing room Admission must be carried out at the Clinics Admission Office (via Ardeatina, 306 – 00179 Rome)



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