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Memory Clinic - Team MD Roberta Perri

The Team of MD Roberta Perri conducts diagnosis and treatment of patients with cognitive and behavioral disorders secondary to degenerative neurological diseases of brain aging and patients who suffer from dementia on an organic basis. The investigative procedures include neurological, neuro-cognitive, functional and behavioral assessments inclusive of standardized test batteries and neuroradiological examinations (Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging).


Diagnostic-Therapeutic Path

The diagnostic and therapeutic path includes a first neurological examination combined with a neuropsychological examination to determine the person's cognitive status. The patient's family members are also interviewed in order to assess the functional autonomy of the subject and to determine the presence of any behavioral disorders.

Particular attention is paid to the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases of aging brain via specific assessments for the identification of preclinical stages of dementia.

The first evaluation includes the general examination of the most important cognitive domains such as memory, executive functions, language, praxis, attention. Whenever necessary a neuropsychological investigation aimed to deepen specific cognitive deficits will follow the first evaluation. The assessment phase ends with the a detailed report of neurological, cognitive, functional, and behavioral characteristics of the person.

At the end of the diagnostic process, the patient is placed in a therapeutic program that takes place through more sessions following objectives and actions in agreement with the patient and his family.

MD Gianfranco Spalletta's Team has multidisciplinary skills and consists of psychiatrists, psychologists and neurologists specialize in diseases of aging:

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