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Neuromotor Physiology Lab

Areas of Investigation 

The Laboratory of Neuromotor Physiology studies the pathophysiology of movement and sensorimotor coordination, and their application for the development of new rehabilitation protocols. Diverse approaches such as multisensory integration searches, psychophysics of perception of gravitational movements, control of eye movements, interlimb coordination, muscle synergies, and locomotor rhythms are considered for the generation of voluntary movement. The different approaches are applied to the study of patients both in the pediatric and adult phase suffering from sensory-motor disturbances.

Acquired Patents 
  • Device for locomotion and rehabilitation in conditions of simulated microgravity variables, Ivanenko YP, gates A, F Lacquaniti, Italian patent RM 2007 A 000489, 2007
  • Devices for mechanical stimulation of the sole of the foot in the rehabilitation of the way and means of detection and signal processing arising from their use, Ivanenko YP, Gravano S, Lacquaniti F, G Maccioni, Giansanti D, Macellari V, Italian patent RM 2007 A 000630 , 2007
  • Simulator path lengths of the leg segments and rotation axis adjustable, Ivanenko YP, Dominici N, G Caps, D'Avella A, Daprati E, F Lacquaniti, Italian patent 000136 RM 2008 U, 2008
  • Tor Vergata University of Rome (Italy)
Ongoing Research Projects 
  • Meccanismi cerebrali del disturbo da disequilibrio soggettivo cronico

Laboratory of Neuromotor Physiology

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