Electrophysiology of Cognitive Processes Lab

Areas of Investigation 

The Laboratory of Electrophysiology of Cognitive Processes studies the neural mechanisms of human cognition by combining electroencephalographic techniques (EEG) with brain neuroimaging (MR, fMRI).

The core research of the Laboratory is the study of neural basis of cognitive processes that occur not only as a perceptual reaction to external events or during action execution, but also as early processes, which prepare the action and can anticipate future events by optimizing motor performance.

The research is specifically dedicated to the assessment of the effects of rehabilitation therapy on cognitive processes of neurological patients such as those suffering from neglect, head injury, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord lesions. The Laboratory also studies the benefits of sport and physical activity on executive brain processes in disabled athletes as well as aging processes.

  • Foro Italico University of Rome (Italy)
Ongoing Research Projects 
  • Effect of spinal cord injury on spared limbs performance. Behavioral and electrophysiological evidences
  • Neural basis of complex  actions planning
  • Benefit of physical exercise on cognitive processes: possible rehabilitative applications
Completed Research Projects 
  • Neural basis of cognitive impairment in mid-age and old adults
  • Neural basis of motor preparation for praxic movements
  • Risks of sport for the brain
  • Spatiotemporal mapping of neural circuits involved in the perception of self-motion
  • Sport participation in disabled persons: comparison between open-skill vs. sports closed-skill
  • Electrophysiological investigations on Neglect patients

Laboratory of Electrophysiology of Cognitive Processes


Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs

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