Highly Specialized Neurorehabilitation

Santa Lucia Foundation is a landmark institution in the field of highly specialized neurorehabilitation. Strong related health cares and research build its core activities. Neurorehabilitation programs affects patient with both, motor and cognitive deficits. Health services are provided under an agreement with the National Health Service (SSN) and also on a private patient basis. The hospital is located in the center of the campus on via Ardeatina in Rome, in a tranquil setting near the Nature Park of Appia Antica. It is five kilometers from both the city center and from the Rome “Ring Road” or GRA.


Rehabilitation Therapies

The neurorehabilitation therapies provided by the Santa Lucia Foundation are designed to treat patients with stroke outcomes, severe brain injuries caused by trauma with possible periods of coma, spinal cord injury as well as subjects suffering from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer and Multiple Sclerosis. Alongside physiokinesis and hydrokinesis therapy, rehabilitation programs include occupational and language therapy, orthoptics, phoniatrics and respiratory rehabilitation, treatment of dysphagia and numerous cognitive deficits. Neurorehabilitation treatments use modern technology such as brain-computer interfaces (BCI), exoskeletons etc.


Outpatient and Extensive Rehabilitation

In addition to hospitalization and day hospital activities, a dedicated structure is available to both adults and children for extensive habilitation programs aimed at recovering physical and cognitive deficits. The Outpatient Clinics complete the offer of health services covering, in addition to the specialised neurology, the main specialist areas, diagnostic imaging and clinical analysis tests. Water therapy is also accessible to outpatients.



The hospital has six Inpatient Units on separate floors, occupying a total floor area of over 30,000 square meters. The rooms are 46 Sq. m. wide. Patient can choose between single and double room, both provided with bathroom. Each hospital ward has a gym for physiokinesis therapy and additional spaces for a total of 400 Sq. m. dedicated to neurorehabilitation activities. The hospital maintains also a swimming pool for hydrokinetic therapy (25x12 meters) with a constant water temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F). The entire hospital architecture has been carefully designed to ensure high levels of comfort, important in a rehabilitation hospital, where the patient may be required to spend significant time in an otherwise physically and psychologically challenging setting both for the patient and their family.


The Chief of Staff of the Santa Lucia Hospital is Dr. Antonino Salvia.