Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic (CDCD) of Santa Lucia Foundation is focused on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various forms of dementia. CDCD patients follow a multidimensional diagnostic process, exploring the medical history as well as cognitive and behavioral function. This approach allows an accurate diagnosis to be formed such that an appropriate treatment plan for the specific needs of the individual can be designed and implemented. The patient is closely followed over time with scheduled visits.

The Memory Clinic also serves an important preventive role and is therefore not exclusively for patients with current overt cognitive difficulties. It is recommended to contact the Memory Clinic as soon as memory, attention or concentration difficulties arise. An early diagnostic path makes it possible to detect any risk of development of dementia, thus allowing early intervention.


Our Teams and the diagnostic and therapeutic pathways offered

At the Memory Clinic of the Santa Lucia Foundation operate two Teams:

➤   Team of MD Roberta Perri

➤   Team of MD Gianfranco Spalletta

How to Access the Memory Clinic (CDCD) of Santa Lucia Foundation

The Foundation Santa Lucia has a multi-specialty outpatient service, which provides diagnostic tests, medical examinations and laboratory tests in three formats:

SSN (NHS) – In agreement wiht the National Health Service. Due to the limited number of performances that the Santa Lucia Foundation is authorized to provide in agreement with the NHS, this access mode is only available to people exempt from NHS-Fee (priority for the weaker segment of the population) and to people under the age of 30 (priority for the economical weaker segment of the population). In some cases the access to NHS performances can follow other criteria (i.e. priority to oncological patients). This option requires a prescription from your primary physician. You cannot choose your specialist.

SIMP – Simple solution offered by the Santa Lucia Foundation as alternative to the National Health Service (SSN) in order to reduce the waiting time. Cost to the patient is comparable to SSN-Fee ("Ticket"). This option does not require a prescription from your primary physician. You cannot choose your specialist.

Private - Access to health services with direct payment or health insurance (list of insurance agreements). You can choose your specialist.

ATTENTION: some clinical performances should be accessible only in some of the modalities listed above and not in all.


Information and Booking

➤   Team of MD Roberta Perri

➤   Team of MD Gianfranco Spalletta