FSL - Ambulatorio Ecografia

Ecography (Ultrasound) Outpatient Clinic

Performed Exams

The Ecography Outpatient Clinic performs ultrasound exams to skin and subcutaneously, thyroid, breast, salivary glands, baby hip, muscles, tendons, joints, testicles, penis and abdomen (liver, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, abdomoninal aorta and lymph nodes, kidney, bladder, female pelvis - uterus and ovaries - and prostate). The female pelvis and male prostate can also be studied respectively with trans-vaginal and trans-rectal ultrasound.

The Clinic also performs the echo-color Doppler exams of thyroid (assessment of nodules vascularity as well as staging of thyroiditis and Graves' disease), kidney (arterial hypertension exam), scrotum (varicocele and testicular inflammation exams), penis (evaluation of erectile dysfunction) and abdomen (exams of portal circulation in the liver, abdominal aorta). We can also study chest cavity for the detection of pleural effusion and intestinal loops in chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis).


Ultrasound: Accurate, Non-Invasive Diagnosis

Ultrasound is a diagnostic technique that makes use of ultrasound (not of ionizing radiation) to create a digital image of organs and systems, allowing our professionals to find numerous pathologies, due to the great accuracy of the technology as a diagnostic tool. Exams can be performed on almost all organs and systems. In some cases, theses exam may be excluded for only chest, stomach, intestine and bone.

The process is a quick and non-invasive examination, it is neither painful, harmful or risky. Even when it is not sufficient by itself to undertake a full and definitive diagnosis, it often provides important indications which lead to further investigations, aimed at defining the possible pathological actors.

Contrary to what happens for other diagnostic imaging techniques, from which the physician expresses a diagnosis on the basis of static images attached to the report, the ultrasound is a dynamic examination. Its exact name is "real-time ultrasonography" and the diagnosis is made "live" by the operator, during the execution of the examination itself. As stated in a recent policy statement by the Italian Society of Radiologists (SIRM): "The ultrasound is a dinamic medical act, which is evaluated in real time. This process cannot be delegated to non-medical health professionals or specialists who have not personally carried out the examination; [...] A selection of images captured during the exams is not exhaustive and doesn't allow the global assessment investigation nor its reporting". Images attached to a Report, even if of high quality, cannot replace the diagnosis made by the professional who performed the ultrasound exam.


Simple, Important Tips to Prepare for an Ultrasound Exam

Ultrasound is more than just photos of our body. It's rather a non-traditional medical examination, in which the traditional physical examination is replaced or supplemented by evaluation by ultrasound. This medical professional, prior to performing the ultrasound, must be as informed as possible about patient history as well as the reasoning for the exam. It is essential that the patient, in addition to possibly preparation indicated by the exam booking, bring all medical reports and records related to the clinical inquiry (previous ultrasounds, laboratory tests, radiological and endoscopic examinations, etc.)

How to Access the Services

SSN (NHS) - In agreement with the National Health Service (NHS). Due to the limitation on the performances that the Santa Lucia Foundation is authorized to provide in agreement with the Public Health Service of the Lazio Region this access method is only available to people who are exempt from the Public SSN rates (priority for the weaker segment of the population) and to people under the age of 30 (priority for the economical weaker segment of the population). In some cases, the access criteria in SSN mode may vary (eg priority to cancer patients). This access method requires your public health doctor’s authorization. You cannot choose your specialist.

SIMP - Practical solution offered by the Santa Lucia Foundation as an alternative to the National Health Service. Patient cost is basically comparable to the Public SSN rates. This method allows access to all medical services (in some cases a medical prescription may be required). You cannot choose your specialist.

Private - Access to exams with direct payment or health insurance (list of insurance agreements). You can choose your specialist.

ATTENTION: some clinical performances should be accessible only in some of the modalities listed above and not in all.



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