Adapted Physical Activity - Adult

Prevention of Falls

The Adapted Physical Activity Clinic aims at the prevention of falls in the elderly. The staff performs a first multidisciplinary evaluation to examine all the risk factors for falling. The evaluation comprehends patient’s history, cardiology examination and EKG, blood pressure measurements, visual acuity exam, current therapy, gait and balance analysis by means of baropodometry and posturography boards. Functional and cognitive evaluations are also performed, as well as examination of the foot and of the shoes. Patient’s fear of falling is also studied. Finally, patient is administered a questionnaire that allows the staff to be informed of in-door environmental risks. 


Plan of Intervention

At the end of such evaluation, a personalized plan of intervention is tailored, to be developed for groups of 2-3 subjects. The plan consists of 16 meetings and includes balance and walking training, vestibular training and computerized cognitive training by means of touch screen technology. The patient may choose in consultation with her/his physician to pursue the physical motor training either in the gym or swimming pool. The wireless platform offers a cognitive training for the elderly or for persons with mild cognitive impairment thanks to exercises that focus on executive and attention functions. The platform was developed within the “Sociable” European project and applies the results of studies performed in the Laboratory of Educational Methodologies and Technologies for the Assistance of Disability which is directed by Dr. Roberta Annicchiarico.


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How to Access the Services

SIMP - Practical solution offered by the Santa Lucia Foundation as an alternative to the National Health Service. Patient cost is basically comparable to the Public SSN rates. This method allows access to all medical services (in some cases a medical prescription may be required). You cannot choose your specialist.



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