How to Access our Health Care Services

The Santa Lucia Foundation provides health care services through its Hospital, the Outpatient Clinics and Extensive Rehabilitation Unit. The latter also accepts children.



Inpatient NHS – The Hospital of Santa Lucia Foundation provides treatment of highly specialized neurorehabilitation following the acute stage. Patient admission takes place in agreement with the National Health Service (SSN) only at the request of another hospital, at which the patient is currently hospitalized.

Private Inpatient – The inpatient admission for private patients (direct payment or acceptable insurance coverage) can also take place if the patient is currently hospitalized at another hospital as well as at the request of any doctor. In private Hospital care the patient may also receive orthopedic rehabilitation as well as neurological.

Day Hospital – Rehabilitation treatments that do not require overnight stays in the Hospital, are delivered in a Day Hospital or on an outpatient basis. The patient accesses the Day Hospital services indicated by the treating physician only after undergoing specialist visit at the Physiatry or Neurology Clinics of Santa Lucia Foundation. To access the Neurologic Day Hospital, a visit to a specialist at the Urology Clinic is instead required. To access the Phoniatric Day Hospital a specialist visit at the Otolaryngology and Phoniatric Clinic is required.

How to Access – An application for admission must be submitted to the Hospital, filling every part of the form Request for Admission.


Admissions NHS Office

Tel. +39 06.5150.1422 / -1424 / -1425

Fax +39 06.5032.097

Monday to Friday, h. 8:30 - 13:00, 14:00 - 17:30; Saturday, h. 08:30 - 12:30


Admissions Private Patients

Tel. +39 06.5150.1211

Fax +39 06.5032097

Giovanna Zuzolo: Cell. +39 366.6986129

Monica Coveccia: Cell. +39 366.6986124

Monday to Friday, h. 9:00 - 17:00

For urgent question outside of working hours, please contact Mr. Andrea Di Rocco, Head of Admissions Private Patients Office (+39 366.6986126).


Exams and Specialist Visits: three delivery modalities

The Santa Lucia Foundation has a multi-specialty outpatient service, which provides diagnostic tests, medical examinations and laboratory tests in three formats:

SSN (NHS) - In agreement with the National Health Service (NHS). Due to the limitation on the performances that the Santa Lucia Foundation is authorized to provide in agreement with the Public Health Service of the Lazio Region this access method is only available to people who are exempt from the Public SSN rates (priority for the weaker segment of the population) and to people under the age of 30 (priority for the economical weaker segment of the population). In some cases, the access criteria in SSN mode may vary (eg priority to cancer patients). This access method requires your public health doctor’s authorization. You cannot choose your specialist.

SIMP - Practical solution offered by the Santa Lucia Foundation as an alternative to the National Health Service. Patient cost is basically comparable to the Public SSN rates. This method allows access to all medical services (in some cases a medical prescription may be required). You cannot choose your specialist.

Private - Access to exams with direct payment or health insurance (list of insurance agreements). You can choose your specialist.

ATTENTION: some clinical performances should be accessible only in some of the modalities listed above and not in all.



Booking online: Take a few minutes to complete the online form for visits and examinations, and you will be called back by our staff within 48 hours to set the date of the visit.

Telephone bookings: tel. +39 06.5150.11, Monday to Friday, h. 09:00 - 17:00

Headquarters: Outpatient Clinics, Via Ardeatina, 306 – 00179 Rome, Monday to Friday, h. 08:00 - 19:30; Saturday, h. 08:00 - 13:30

ATTENTION: Some outpatient services have dedicated admission paths

Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays, TAC, MOC, etc.): please consult this page

Laboratory Analysis (blood test and other analysis): please consult this page

Outpatient Physiotherapy: please consult this page

Hydrokinetic Therapy (Water Therapy): please consult this page


Report Availability

Diagnostic Imaging (X-rays, TAC, MOC, etc.): please consult this page

Clinical Laboratory Analysis: please consult this page


Service Figures

The Extensive Rehabilitation for adults and children is aimed at patients who require a multidisciplinary management for the long term. The Santa Lucia Foundation has for this purpose an operating Unit dedicated, distinct both from Outpatient Clinics and Hospital. It allows rehabilitation treatments for children under the age of 18 months who have complex diseases and adults discharged from the hospital for at least six months, who have a documented disability pension that requires extended rehabilitative treatments.


How to Access

Access to the Extensive Rehabilitation Unit is exclusively in agreement with the National Health Service (SSN). Evidence of eligible disabled youth or adult status by the treating physician is required and must be presented to medical staff before admission. (Via Ardeatina, 306 – 00179 Rome; Monday to Friday, h. 08:30 - 13:30, 14:00 - 18:00; Saturday, h. 08:30 - 13:30).

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