FSL - Servizio Sociale

Social Services

Support for Patients, Families and Caregivers

The Social Services Office is available to inpatient of Santa Lucia Hospital and their families. It provides support during all stages of hospitalization, from to the organization of admittance to patient discharge and beyond. The office works in close collaboration with the medical staff to orient patients and their families in the use of services offered by the hospital, in the understanding of the rehabilitation process, various issues as they arise and finally in the organization of the hospital discharge at the end of rehabilitation.


Consulting: Psycho-Social and Health, Forensic and Legal

Social Workers expertise is at the disposal of those who face difficulties and they are not strictly medical concerns. The multidisciplinary team establishes opportunities for discussion, provide information to patients and family on a range of psycho-social health, legal and administrative issues. Support can also cover specific issues such as the removal of architectural barriers in the home or workplace of the patient in anticipation of the return to normal life, the availability of special driving licenses etc. The Social Service of the Foundation also works with the network of extra-hospital services that complement the social and health care, putting patients and family members in connection with organizations and institutions in the appropriate areas.


Civil and Disability Status

The Social Services provides guidance in the recognition of the formal civil status of disabled under Italian Law 104/92, informing patients and their families on how to access state certification. It also collaborates with the Medical Commission of ASL Roma C, which is based at the Foundation, for the performance of collegial visits to patients who have requested or obtained disability status approval.


Exemptions, School, Work, Permissions

The Social Services provides information on the submission of applications for exemption for the health “ticket” (patient’s contribution to the costs of a medical performance covered by the public National Health Service), on how to continue with school curricula during hospitalization, on work permits, on work leave, on pregnancies, on sports-therapy and as general administrative support. It also offers advice on the benefits provided by the National Health Service in the provision of aids (e.g. wheelchair, orthopedic bed, mattress to relieve bedsore etc.). The office even collaborates with the Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters in Rome for the renewal of residence permits of admitted patients.


Project Discharge

The Social Workers actively engage in projects designed to guide patients and their families at the end of hospitalization. They identify the most appropriate coping strategies and explain the support procedures needed, inclusive of public social support and administrative support to caregivers. They also orientate the patient who requires the continuation of the rehabilitation in the day-hospital or in any manner provided for those with disability. If returning home for the patient is not possible, they provide guidance on alternative options offered by ASL such as protected, integrated home care, admission to care facilities such as RSA, R1 and hospice. Finally under the care of the patient discharge is the home management of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), nasogastric tube (SNG) and tracheal cannula treatments.



In agreement with the University of Rome III, the Social Service of Santa Lucia Foundation offers internship in line with the Bachelor's Degree in Social Work and Sociology. Interested students can apply by contacting the staff of the Service.

Social Services

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