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Hospital Committees

Control Committee for Care-Related Infections (CCICA)

This Committee works to verify the application and effectiveness of the monitoring programs for the prevention and control of hospital infections. Weight is given to both the cultural and technical training of health personnel. It features a Working Group which carries out regular epidemiological studies in rehabilitation, monitoring sentinel germs and implementing control interventions in relation to outbreaks. The Infection Committee and its Working Group are comprised of members of diverse backgrounds. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, experts in microbiology and infectious diseases, rehabilitation specialists are all directly involved in the control of hospital infections.

Committee Members: Dr. Antonino Salvia (Chairman), Dr. Ugo Fire (Vice-President), Dr. Maria Pia Balice, Dr. Cecilia Della Vedova, Dr. Angelo Rossini, Dr. Lucia Vecellio Reane, Sonia Michetti.

Members of the Working Group: Dr. Angelo Rossini (Coordinator), Dr. Maria Pia Balice, Dr. Julia Colombini, Dr. Charles Pizzoli, Dr. Marco Tramontano, Cristina Martella, Mariangela Robustino.

➤   Annual Plan - Care-Related Infections (PAICA) 2019 [in Italian]


Committee for Control of Hospital Drug Directory

This Committee's function is to ensure the appropriate use of drugs according to their effectiveness and the relationship between costs, risks and benefits. Medicines used in the hospital are evaluated for their effectiveness, safety and relevance to different treatment programs. They are included in the Therapeutic Formulary or Available Drug Directory with notes and recommendations for use, in order to obtain the maximum benefit for patients. The Committee meets periodically to assess the inclusion of new drugs from the latest research. Proposals for a pharmaceutical's inclusion may be submitted by all parties performing health activity in the hospital.

Committee Members: Dr. Antonino Salvia (Chairman), Dr. Maria Julia Colombini, Dr. Francesco Di Meo, Dr. Cecilia Della Vedova, Dr. Ugo Fuoco, Dr. Ugo Nocentini, Dr. Angelo Rossini, Dr. Elio Troisi, Dr. Vincenzo Venturiero.


CRIS Team - Clinical Risk Management Team

The Team manages the clinical risk related to the health activities of the Santa Lucia Foundation. It detects such risks by means of quantitative indicators (parametric and non-parametric), analyzes them using FMEA methodology (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), implements reactive actions to correct them and proactive actions to reduce them, verifies the effectiveness of its interventions and consequently updates the priority of the interventions plan. The CRIS-Team works togheter with the Hospital Management and the Quality and Organization Office. Its activity is mainly documented in the Risk Management Corporate Plan (In Italian).

Team Members: Dr. Antonino Salvia MD (Risk Manager), Dr. Cristina Ancona, Dr. Angelo Rossini MD, Dr. Serena Amici, Eng. Marco Iosa, FT Dianne Beatriz Henson, Inf. Roberta Velardo, Inf. Cllia Visone.


Committee for Hospital Without Pain

This patient centric Committee is responsible for programing and active measures to improve the care process with the aim of changing attitudes and behaviors of health workers to patient pain. It detects the perception of pain by patients submitted through survey forms. The data analysis and comparison of time studies constitutes the basis for the formulation of the Committees interventions. It also organizes training courses to disseminate through the clinical practice a uniform approach to monitoring and treating pain. Additionally, it promotes specific models of pain management in the various areas of rehabilitation.

Committee Members: Dr. Maria Gabriella Buzzi (Chairman), Dr. Stefano Brunelli, Dr. Maria Julia Colombini, Dr. Maria Grazia Grasso, Dr. Stefano Paolucci, Dr. Angelo Rossini; Dr. Lucia Vecellio Reane, Cecilia Del Carmen Blas Esquivel, Domenico Passafiume, Massimo Semproni, Clelia Visone.


GLADIS - Working Group on Dysphagia

This Committee defines the guidelines and care protocols for the management of patients with dysphagia or more simply difficulty in swallowing. It involves different professionals who are involved in the evaluation and rehabilitation of the patient as well as in preparing, packaging, and administrating the food. The Group also organizes training courses on the subject of dysphagia and drafted the "Dietary speech therapy protocols for dysphagia patients upon discharge".

Group Members: Dr. Maria Grazia Grasso (Coordinator), Dr. Alessandro Cuccaro, Dr. Antonino Salvia, Lina Barba, Antonella Gaita, Stefania Martinelli, Olga Pascale, Alessandra Valenzi.


GOLD – Working Group on Bedsores and Related Conditions

This Committee is responsible for establishing guidelines for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores. It contributes to the welfare and recovery of the patient, adjusting medications to meet recommended standards. It promotes the clinical practice of health workers in affording a uniform approach to the treatment of bedsores and monitoring related pain.

Group Members: Dr. Lucia Vecellio Reane (Coordinator), Dr. Roberta Annicchiarico, Dr. Cecilia Della Vedova, Dr. Alessia Federici, Dr. Alessandra Pompa, Dr. Antonino Salvia, Dr. Marco Traballesi, Dr. Vincenzo Venturiero, Arianna Alivernini, Cecilia Ciccarelli, Gianni Costantini, Rosalba Federico, Sergio Guarino, Pietro Salvatore Proia.

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