Extensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit

What is it and who do we serve?

Extensive outpatient rehabilitation is a complex care service, specifically designed for individuals with certified chronic disability from birth or resulting from a traumatic injury. In the latter case, extensive rehabilitation follows the “post-acute care” program applied immediately after the injury. Extensive rehabilitation is often mentioned as part of the welfare service (former article 26 of the Italian law).

The term widely used in health care, refers to the act 833/1978 that established the National Health Service. Article 26 of this act provides for health services that facilitate both functional and social recovery of patients with physical, mental or sensory disability.


Rehabilitation for Adults and Children

The Santa Lucia Foundation has a unit for extensive rehabilitation services covered by the National Health Service. Two separate teams provide care for adults and children.

Extensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Via Ardeatina, 354 – 00179 Rome

Building U3 – Floor 0

Tel. +39 06.5150.1498

Monday to Friday, h. 08:00 - 20:00; Saturday, h. 08:00 - 13:00