Fondazione Santa Lucia - Test di guida per disabili

Driving Test for Disabled

How to Access

Patients admitted to the inpatient, day hospital or extensive rehabilitation Units of Santa Lucia Foundation can access the route to licensed motor vehicle operation, inclusive of driver testing. Qualified patients can obtain the relevant certificates and medical records upon discharge. An occupational therapist evaluates the suitability of the patient preparation and all judgments are subject to approval by the ward doctor.


Gundam Driving Simulator

Before progressing to the road test, the patient works with the Gundam driving simulator. The simulator extents the visual and motor skills of the patient, preparing the candidate for a realistic driving experience. Steering operation, braking and acceleration are all simulated to allow the patient to become familiar with real equipment.


Driving Tests

After the simulation phase, the applicant progresses to two road driving tests, which take place on Monday mornings, on Hospital property. The patient is assisted by an occupational therapist who first analyzes any transfer from the wheelchair to the car. In order to maximize the residual abilities of the candidate, the therapist assesses available mechanical aids that may assist. Among these are custom pedals, power steering and manual acceleration and deceleration management devices. The therapist sits in the passenger seat and is equipped with double brake.


Final evaluation

Once the practical tests are finalized, the therapist performs a final evaluation that is made part of patient's medical record. Once discharged, the patient may elect to pursue obtaining the special driving license for persons with disabilities. This final step is evaluated by a medical board which will review the certificate issued by the Santa Lucia Foundation. Patients may be required to attend theoretical and practical tests at a driving school before final licensing.


Contact Information

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