Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs

D – Cognitive and Motor Neurorehabilitation and Neuroimaging

Head of Research Line D

Dott. Stefano Paolucci



The objective of the Research Line D is the study of cognitive and motor processes and their neural substrates, to establish new neurorehabilitation protocols for both adults and children.


Research Topics

The research projects are part of the disciplines of neuropsychology and cognitive-motor neurorehabilitation, and affect the representation of space and body, learning, walking, environmental, cognitive, verbal, lexical and behavioral skills in events related to congenital disorders or developmental disabilities such as dyslexia and other nervous system disorders, such as neglect or aphasia, or general cognitive-motor impairment.



The research conducted is both clinical and pre-clinical, and uses both computerized structural and functional neuroimaging techniques, to increase the specificity of our quantitative evaluations. Robotic technology, virtual reality and brain and muscle electrical stimulation are being implemented to increase neuroplasticity, thereby facilitating functional recovery of the patient. The studies aim at increasing the effectiveness of rehabilitative treatments, identifying for each patient an increasingly personalized rehabilitation program.


Laboratories of the Research Line D