Research Activity 

Expert in clinical and experimental neuropsychology and in cognitive behavioral clinical psychology collaborate with the Experimental Neuropsychophysiology Lab of Santa Lucia Foundation from 2010. She is engaged in the application of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (transcranial magnetic stimulation - TMS and transcranial direct current stimulation - tDCS) in combination with electroencephalography (EEG), clinical evaluations (psychological questionnaires) and experimental behavioral tests. Her experimental interest was focused on the study of executive functions in patients suffering from psychiatric pathologies. Recenty, her scientific activity pays particular attention to the study of the physiology and pathological alterations of eating behavior. Specifically, the topics concern the study of the higher functions of the fronto-cerebellar networks, cognitive inhibitory control and functional connectivity across brain areas.

She is author of 20 original papers in indexed international journals. Total citations: 615 (Scopus). Hirsch index (H index): 14 (Scopus).

She has received as principal investigator (PI) grants from the Italian Ministry of Health and from University of Rome "La Sapienza" for over 500,000 Euro. Recently, she obtained the national scientific qualification as a second level professor in Psychology General, Psychobiology and Psychometry (11/E1).

Curriculum Vitae 

2021 National Scientific Qualification as second level professor in General Psychology, Psychobiology and Psychometry (11/E1).

2019 Member of the Editorial Board Frontiers in Psychology Journal

2015 Specialization as Clinical Psychologist in Cognitive - Behavioural Psychotherapy at the Walden Institute, Rome

2013 Young Researcher Award for the best scientific contribution, assigned by the Italian Society of Psychophysiology (SIPF) on the occasion of the XXI Congress.

2013 PhD in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Sapienza - University of Rome.

2011 Qualification to practice as a Psychologist, Sapienza - University of Rome.

2010 Master’s Degree in Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Cognitive Disorders, Faculty of Psychology, Sapienza - University of Rome.

2008 Bachelor's Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques for the Analysis of Normal and Pathological Cognitive Processes, Sapienza - University of Rome.

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