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B – Innovative Methodologies for Rehabilitation

Head of Research Line B

Prof. Francesco Lacquaniti



The strategic objective of the Research Line B is the study and development of new methodologies for pathophysiology and neuromotor disorders towards the goal of the rehabilitation of such disorders in adults and children.


Research Topics

The research projects include the study of the pathophysiology of movement and sensorimotor coordination and their application to the development of new rehabilitation protocols. We study multi sensory integration in the generation of voluntary movement, the psychophysical perception of gravitational movement, eye movement control, coordination of inter segmental limbs, muscle synergies and locomotor rhythm. The different approaches are applied to the study of adult and pediatric patients suffering from sensorimotor disturbances.

Nell'ambito di queste ricerche i laboratori della Linea B svolgono da anni studi sull'adattamento del corpo umano nello spazio extra-terrestre. Numerosi esperimenti sono stati svolti con Astronauti in missione nell'ambito di collaborazioni con NASA, ESA e Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI).



Laboratories of the Research Line B are designed to develop new quantitative methods for the description of the kinematics and dynamics of the multi segment coordination of both of the upper and lower limbs and describe the electrical activity recorded from a large number of muscles simultaneously. We use virtual reality techniques and robotics to create immersive multi sensory environments in which to study patient’s reactions. The protocols of sensory stimulation and recording physical activity are also coupled to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and pulsing and, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Neuroimaging, MRI for the functional and neuroanatomical localization.


Laboratories of the Research Line B