5x1000: Support Our Biomedical Research

Participating Is Important, It Does Not Cost You Anything!

If you pay tax in Italy you have the opportunity to support our Research activities. 5x1000 is a program that costs you nothing. The share of 5 per thousand of your personal income tax is still held by the State. You have instead a great opportunity: you decide how to designate part of the tax money that you created with your work. 5x1000 is not an additional tax, but a part of the tax that the State gives to you the choice on how to spend. Your participation is important.


The Guarantee of an IRCCS

The Santa Lucia Foundation is accredited as a Scientific Institute for Research and Health Care (IRCCS) by the Italian Department of Health. Such title is granted to a very limited number of institutes throughout the nation, which are committed to a strong correlation between health care and research. We are the first rated IRCCS in Italy for the value of scientific activity in neuroscience.

How to Support?

To earmark 5 per thousand of your already paid in tax money to the Santa Lucia Foundation is very simple. When filling out your tax return, you will find a section dedicated to that contribution. It is the same for all forms: CUD, 730 and UNICO. Just enter in the "Financing of health research" two things:

  • Our tax code: 97138260589
  • Your signature


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